A unique solution.
Several choices

The Freedesk Desk Riser is designed to enable standing work anywhere. You can continue to use your existing table with our Desk Riser – that easily transforms any surface into a sit-stand table. The Freedesk Desk Riser comes in two colors, Snow white and Pitch black.

Desk risers

Freedesk Desk Riser Original

Perfect for a monitor, keyboard, mouse or Laptop


Freedesk Desk Riser Lite

Perfect for lighter usage a monitor, keyboard, mouse or Laptop


Carrying Bag

Freedesk Carrying Bag

Freedesk Carring bag for transporting your Freedesk Desk Riser


Accessible well-being

"Sitting is the new smoking" - the past few years, studies around the world have highlighted the risks of living your life in a sitting position. The scientific community is unanimous in its belief ; we need to spend more time standing up and activate ourselves. The benefits working while standing are significant, both for your productivity and your health. Just by standing 2 hours every workday, one can drastically reduce the risk of heart attacks, cancer and diabetes

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